Health management is...

Health management  in general promotes the operational framework conditions that enable work to be carried out in a health-promoting manner. This means that GM encompasses all actors and topics that affect employees from the work perspective.

The Health management therefore also includes the various measures and legal obligations of employers around the topic of "staying healthy and getting healthy", such as compliance with occupational safety, the provision of a company medical service, company integration management, addiction support and much more.

It also includes voluntary offers for health promotion and prevention, as well as advisory and service offers. In the offers of the Health management, as in the subject of personnel development, the appreciation of the employer towards his employees becomes clear.

At the CAU, the offers for health promotion and prevention as well as the advisory and service offers are available from various offices. You can find an overview of the advisory services at CAU in the "who is who" (German)  on the personnel development website.