With which problems can I turn to Corrente?

The service includes counseling on many topics, for example:
•    Psycho-social counseling (e.g. stress, psychological strain, grief, burnout)
•    Counseling on work-related issues (e.g. work and time management, 
     dealing with colleagues or superiors)
•    Counseling on family issues (e.g. separation/divorce, parenting, care of
•    Counseling on day to day queries (e.g. financial questions, consumer
     questions, dealing with authorities)
•    Counseling on addiction (alcohol, drugs)
•    Supporting superiors (e.g. support with having a leading role and executive
      functions as well as dealing with stressed employees, passing on
      information on psychological topics, conflict management)
•    Support of other persons with a special function (e.g. counseling and support
     of all persons involved in the BEM-process, support of different counselors
     as well as interest groups)
•    Legal counseling (labor law not included)