Here you will find answers to questions about the content and process of the counseling service Corrente. If you cannot find answers to your questions, please feel free to contact us Jennifer Kurth from Health Management or contact Corrente for advice on toll-free 0800 321 234.

Who or what is Corrente?

Corrente is an independent, professional company with longstanding experience, that can counsel you on behalf of the CAU on your request.
Out of the main office location in Kiel, Corrente provides counseling, consultation, coaching, and support with challenges related to family, work, finances, and personal topics across Germany and Austria.
Corrente is operating nationwide and counsels over 300.000 employees and managers of small and middle-sized to worldwide operating companies and organizations.

What does the counseling service offer?

The counseling by Corrente gives you the opportunity to get immediate and confidential support with all questions, worries and problems in life. Our focus is to strengthen the individual ability to act, to develop new perspectives and to find solutions by talking to a neutral third party.
The counseling also helps with adjusting to new situations in life or changes at work, solving conflicts or quick gathering of information, which otherwise would take plenty of research.

Who is entitled to use the counseling service?

The counseling service is available for all employees subject to collective agreements, professors and other public officials with a work contract at the CAU. Student and research assistants are not included.
Family members who live in the same house as well as partners are also entitled to counseling.

Why has the counseling service been established?

With the introduction of the counseling service, the CAU wants to give you the opportunity to manage challenging situations at work or in your personal life more smoothly. This way, you can improve your health and work performance.
This service complements the existing consulting portfolio at the CAU and supports the internal service providers.

Why does this service involve an external company?

The counseling service has a great, multi-professional team of counselors, who can support you with numerous different personal and work-related issues.
For many employees, it is easier to accept external help. This way, their anonymity is ensured 100 percent.
Corrente offers you immediate counseling without long waiting times, in urgent cases even 24/7. Thus, we want to contribute to an early prevention.

With which problems can I turn to Corrente?

The service includes counseling on many topics, for example:
•    Psycho-social counseling (e.g. stress, psychological strain, grief, burnout)
•    Counseling on work-related issues (e.g. work and time management, 
     dealing with colleagues or superiors)
•    Counseling on family issues (e.g. separation/divorce, parenting, care of
•    Counseling on day to day queries (e.g. financial questions, consumer
     questions, dealing with authorities)
•    Counseling on addiction (alcohol, drugs)
•    Supporting superiors (e.g. support with having a leading role and executive
      functions as well as dealing with stressed employees, passing on
      information on psychological topics, conflict management)
•    Support of other persons with a special function (e.g. counseling and support
     of all persons involved in the BEM-process, support of different counselors
     as well as interest groups)
•    Legal counseling (labor law not included)

In which languages can I be counseled?

Counseling is offered in German or English. Other languages are available on request.

What is the procedure of counseling?

In an initial phone call, you are informed about privacy, asked for your place of work (to check your access authorization) and are encouraged to tell how the counseling service can help you. Corrente gets an idea of your issue, the situation and aim. Depending on the situation, the first consultation can take place immediately or you arrange a follow-up appointment.
The following counseling takes place according to your wishes: on the phone, via video or in a face-to-face conversation.
If needed, Corrente brings you in contact with appropriate counseling centers or self-help groups.

Who is my counselor?

In the counseling center, different experts with a university degree, e.g. in psychology, education or social education, are employed. Additionally, many counselors have completed further training in a psychotherapeutic or psychosocial consultation procedure. They are trained in solution-oriented and systemic consultation and case management.
When dealing with day to day queries, Corrente works together with various experts in fields such as dietetics, financial counseling, debt counseling or tax counseling.
For the counseling of managers, a special team of management counselors is available.

Is there a limit to the duration of counseling?

With different topics you can call as often as you like and need it.

The counseling can include up to 6 consulations per topic.

However, the service is meant to be a solution-oriented, short-term consultation. If you need long-term or more specialized counseling, Corrente helps you find the appropriate help in your area and brings you in contact.
Counseling in a counseling center is limited to 5 to 6 sessions per counseling issue.

Which topics are counseled by phone, which topics face-to-face?

In an initial call, the counselor takes stock of your situation and works out the first solutions with you. If this is not sufficient, you plan what’s the best way to continue. Not every issue can be counseled by phone; face-to-face counseling is sometimes more efficient, in some cases indispensable. Please talk to your counselor from Corrente about it.

How long are the waiting times?

For telephone counseling, there are no waiting times. If it turns out that on-site counseling is reasonable, a first consultation is usually possible within 5 working days, in urgent cases within 48 hours.

Can I call the counseling service from work?

If you are at work during counseling, you can discuss work-related topics. Please keep in mind that counseling in your free time, even on work-related topics, cannot be considered as working time later. Counseling on personal topics should be off time if possible.

Do I have to provide personal details when first contacting Corrente?

To check your access authorization, Corrente needs an oral confirmation that you work at the CAU. You can stay anonymous. In this case, the counselor asks for a pseudonym. Of course, it is helpful for further counseling, if you provide your contact details to the counseling service.

Does Corrente store my personal data?

It is in the nature of counseling that personal data is collected, for example your living situation, health condition, marital status. Since Corrente documents the counseling sessions, some details you provide are stored by Corrente. This way, counselors can draw on existing information in case of longer counseling. For quality assurance reasons, a documentation is also necessary. Beyond that, psychological psychotherapists have to keep a file on their sessions and store it just like a doctor for ten years. Of course, your data is safe with Corrente and protected against access by third parties.

If you do not feel comfortable with this arrangement, address this at the beginning of counseling. In most cases, Corrente finds a solution!

How does Corrente assure anonymity and data protection?

Confidentiality is the top priority, if counseling is supposed to be successful. Just as company doctors, the counselors of Corrente are bound by confidentiality, in this case by §203 StGB. Companies are informed neither about which persons take counseling, nor on which queries/problems.

Are there exceptions to confidentiality?

Yes, if life or health is at risk, we are obligated to seek external help. Otherwise, it is failure to render assistance.

What does the CAU get to know?

The CAU receives an anonymized standard report on the number of callers, topics and focal points at our university once or twice a year. This way, it is possible for us to react to problems and if necessary, take further preventive measures. Your personal data is always treated as confidential.