Access to the advisory service

This is how you get in contact with Corrente:

Telefon-Icon Immediate telephone counseling
In urgent cases you can reach the counseling team 24/7 at the following
telephone numbers:
From Germany: 0800 321 2345
From Austria: 00800 32 123 456
From all other countries: +49 431 8951932 (chargeable)
Globus-Icon The Corrente information portal
Here you will find lots of different articles with regards to contents of
private- and employment topics.
How to log into the info website
Username: caukiel
Password: caukiel
Globus-Icon Online advice
You can contact the counseling service by email via a secure online portal.
The following link leads you directly to
the platform. On this page you only have to register with a user name
and a password that you assign yourself. Afterwards it is possible to
send your email request directly or to save it as a draft for a later date.

Appointment system
If you want to book an appointment for an counseling, you can use the
Corrente appointment system
At first you have the choice between a counseling via chat or telephone.
After your choice a calendar shows you free counseling-slots for you to
choose. You also have the option of calling the telephone number
0800 321 2345 to make an appointment.

Corrente App
You can download the "Corrente" app from the Play/ Apple Store on your Lodo Corrente App
mobile device.
You can find your access code here: NGBG8S
The App makes it possible to access to the service quickly and
confidentially. In addition to the chat function, the app offers helpful
information on work and private life.